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Patented Aston honeycomb core

Aston was created as a Tonelli Group brand in 1963 and identifies the production of honeycomb core. The special design and the superior quality of the material used have earned Aston honeycomb core the Vermeil Medal, at the International Inventors’ Fair in Brussels in 1964.

Continuous investments in research and technology have resulted in a product that is ever more qualified and competitive on the furniture and construction market, in particular for the manufacture of doors, panel walls and furniture.

In 2010, Tonelli SpA, together with 6 other honeycomb producers, founded the European Manufacturers Paper Honeycomb Association EMPHA, with the goal of providing a platform for the European honeycomb core manufacturers, contributing to the product’s positioning by focusing on environmental sustainability and developing common industrial standards.

Aston honeycomb core is produced on demand. Most of our customers have hot presses so our honeycomb core has die-cut holes for ventilation.
Our machinery produces a very regular and homogenous core with less production waste.

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For automatic processing, we produce continuos honeycomb with a maximum expanded width of 1850 mm (open). We can also manufacture individual pieces up to a maximum width of 1400 mm (open). The thickness of the honeycomb core is from 10 mm to 120 mm.
Cell:from 10 mm to 40 mm
Weights:120, 140, 180, 200, 220, 270 g/m² (other weights on request)
Paper type:testliner and kraftliner (other papers on request)
Thickness:from 10 mm to 120 mm
Width:up to 1850 mm open
Density:from 10 kg/m3 to 45 kg/m3