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The Tonelli Company was founded in the forties as a joinery, that afterwards turned to a warehouse for timber trade. In the sixties the patent of honeycomb paper Aston brought to further development of  the business, that in the nineties expands with a new company, TONELLI ITALIA for the production of ECOPAN panel. In 2004 was opened TONELLI FRANCE where Ecopan is produced for the market of  North Europe.

During the years Tonelli Group has acquired other companies different from the core business of paper and wood. Are part of the group:

GLUETON S.r.l. produces adhesive for paper, wood and graphic industry.

builds houses based on wood structures

DYNASET S.r.l. a software house specialized in human resources management products.

FAIT ADRIATICA S.p.A. a leader company in the production of leather soles for high quality and made in Italy shoes.