Ecopan is used for product packaging and complies with the RESY standard. The use of the RESY mark with the identification number ensures  that Ecopan has the necessary requirements to be 100% recycled.

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In 2010 Tonelli S.p.A. was awarded the Forest Steward Council FSC certification, which certifies the reverse traceability of wood materials, the reduction of water consumption and CO2 emissions.  It is a certification that demonstrates the commitment in our daily business to eco-friendly, responsible, socially beneficial and economically valid management, which represents the guarantee of having made an “ethical” purchase for the end consumer.

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Tonelli S.p.A. and other six other manufacturers of honeycomb  founded the European Association of Manufacturers Honeycomb EMPHA inJune 2010.  Their goal of was providing an industrial platform for European producers, contribute to  product placement,  focusing on its environmental sustainability and contribute to the development of common industry standards.


ASTON honeycomb core and ECOPAN panel are materials selected and chosen by Matrec EcoMaterials Library for its environmental performances.
MATREC is the first EcoMaterials Library dedicated to environmentally sustainable materials and to their use in the industry, architecture and design.



Tonelli S.p.A. joined  the IGEL (Lightweight Construction Association), a German association, which groups manufacturers, universities and associations committed to the developing of the light construction.
The objective of the igeL e. V. is to spread the concept of lightweight construction, both in designing and application terms for interior design  and timber construction.
Lightweight construction offers a whole host of convincing advantages for sustainable future, starting with the lower cost of raw materials and improved energy efficiency in production, as well as significant reductions in the costs of logistics.