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The Tonelli Company was founded in the Republic of San Marino, by Italo Tonelli who in the early Fifties transformed the joinery into a warehouse for timber trade.
In the Sixties his children came to work in the company and brought further development to the business with the patent of Aston Honeycomb, a special cardboard product that is used in the construction of doors and in the furniture industry.

In the Seventies and Eighties new investments in machinery for processing and finishing the panels, converted the commercial business into a real industrial company that has grown and developed over the years, by providing products both to the artisan and the industrial sector for the construction of furniture and doors. Afterwards the business expands with the opening of two new plants in Italy and France for the production of a new product.

A paper honeycomb sandwich, made with a honeycomb core covered on either side with various types of paper facings: the Ecopan board is used in the packaging industry for its protective characteristics and strength. Today Ecopan has found even more applications, from building to home furnishings and design objects. The product is environment-friendly and bio-degradable.