Tonelli France expands the factory in Faulquemont

6 giugno 2016

On Thursday, May 26 took place the inauguration, with the presence of local authorities, owners, employees, customers and commercial partners, of the extension of the warehouse of TONELLI FRANCE Sas, the French Tonelli S.p.A. subsidiary.
Tonelli France is located in the industrial district of Faulquemont since 2005, the year of the inauguration of the plant for the production of honeycomb cardboard panels (Ecopan) for packaging as an ecological alternative to polystyrene.
Since 2005 products for new markets have been developed (Ecopan drainage for construction and Ecopan Impression for digital printing) together with an increasing of the commercial activity and promotion in key markets like Germany and France. These expanding policies brought a develop of the demand with the consequent need of a factory extension for the storage of finished products and, to speed up the production process, an automatic palletizing system has been brought in place at the end of the line. The system simplifies the palletizing of small dimensions pieces, which are used as fillers inside boxes in the furniture industry (some customers, IKEA suppliers are already using Ecopan in their packaging).

The investment of around € 1.5 million was funded directly by the company itself and partly by the San Marino Republic Saving Bank. Everything has been done in short times in order to allow the acquisition of important orders thanks to the great collaboration the French local authorities, which took part on the works externally done. The investment has been approved in October 2015. The work began late November and ended the last week of March 2016 .
The building extension has been done by Coreal, the French company who built the main building in 2005; the pallet end-line has been done by AMS, a San Marino company specialized in products handling.
Thanks to this extension the total surface went from 6000 to 8000 square meters and the employees raised from 9 to 22 units divided into two daily working shifts. The production capacity is now up to 10.000 square meters, which mean daily more or less 200.000 pieces.

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